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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

The Maine Alliance for Road Associations

About Us

The Maine Alliance for Road Associations (MARA) was formed circa 2005 by Betsy Connor Bowen. MARA is a Non-Profit Corporation with a volunteer Board of Directors currently comprised of five MARA Members: Betsy Connor Bowen, Founder/Director Emeritus, so honored unanimously by the Board on September 19, 2020; Andrew L. Allen, President/Administrator; Roberta Manter, Legislative Liaison; James Bunting, Treasurer; Erin Barker, Director; Ray Bersch, Director.

Our illustrious former Vice-President Peter Dunn resigned for personal reasons this past year; Ray Bersch was voted Director at our Board Meeting in August 2023. MARA is grateful to Peter Dunn for his many years of steady, thoughtful service. We welcome Ray Bersch who contributed significantly to  MARA's amendment of the Private Ways Statute this past legislative session.

None of us is an attorney. Therefore, we cannot interpret law or give legal advice. Opinions expressed by Officers/Directors in replies to member emails or posted to the Discussion Forum are their own, based on experience, and do not represent MARA or its Board.    

Our Alliance remains an online volunteer-sponsored community in response to the need to disseminate information to property owners who wish to form road associations for sharing maintenance costs of private ways under the continually evolving: 

Maine Private Ways Statute

Although informal road associations may be successful for some owners, MARA favors the more formal “Statutory” structure permitted by the Private Ways Statute. This Statute offers road association governance through democratic processes, cost-sharing that is enforceable, and gravel road maintenance that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Each year in the spring, we publish a Newsletter for our Members aptly entitled, "Mud Season". The Newsletter contains information about us, our finances, articles of common interest, current legislation, and our activities on behalf of people living on private ways in Maine.  Our newest edition, MUDSEASON 2022, is now available on our "Members Only" Page. We are sharing (below) last year's edition of MUDSEASON with non-members and visitors to our website as a possible enticement to join with us. Check it out:



MARA sponsors Road Conferences that feature speakers on road association matters of interest such as road association formation, operation, and private road maintenance. See our Events Page for details! 

Our "Message Board" Discussion Forum is supported by its members and serves as an information clearinghouse on all matters of importance to road associations.

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Andrew L. (Sandy) Allen, Administrator

MARA Website

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