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Repairing existing paving?

  • 05 Jun 2019 9:50 PM
    Message # 7558746

    Under 23 MRSA 3101, paragraph 1 B, "'Repairs and maintenance' does not include paving, except in locations where limited paving is demonstrated to be a cost-effective approach for fixing an erosion problem or to repair and maintain pavement existing as of July 1, 2007." 

    Has anyone needed to address repair of pavement that was installed AFTER that date?  What options do we have under the law?  I've heard that in at least one case, a road association got unanimous consent from land owners to pave a section of road, with some residents voluntarily contributing extra to the effort.  But in a large road association, (around 50 members, many of whom do not use the section of road that needs repair,) getting unanimous consent seems highly unlikely.  Any suggestions?

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