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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

We are a non-profit since 1975, we are looking for liability insurance

  • 17 Jul 2012 10:58 PM
    Message # 1012727
    Deleted user
    We have been a non-profit corporation since 1975. Our last by-law update was in 1985. It seems we have been operating as a statutory association since its inception. At our 2012 annual meeting we voted to obtain insurance for BOD and the road, and to have an attorney review our by-laws.

    1. Do we need to be a IRS 501c3 to get insurance?

    2. Do we need to adopt the  statutory association template to be current with current laws and be able to collect from all who benefit from the road?

    3. We currently have winter and summer fee's but the road is here for everyone 365 days a year. Can we move to one yearly fee for all as we will be providing insurance for everyone year round?

    4. Can anyone recommend an attorney and an insurance carrier in the York county area?

    Thanks Russ

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