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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

Tax Acquired Road

  • 26 Jul 2012 11:13 AM
    Message # 1020311
    Deleted user
    In 2001, a person bought a large tract of land and started selling lots. When he sold these lots, he promised in our warranty deeds that he would plow and maintain a road he created that used to be an old logging road, and has done so for the past ten years.  He specifically retained this road for himself, although there is no deed.  The Assessor's Agent for the town finally caught up with him and declared that he owned 2.8 acres of land, which of course is the road.  This past winter he declined to pay for plowing and minor maintainence, so our Statutory Road Association was forced to pay the costs.  Additionally, he has not paid taxes on the road and it will be subject to the lien process, and eventually the town will end up owning the road.  What options do we have in regard to dealing with the town when they assume ownership?

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