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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

LD 1356 and “Insurance?”

  • 31 May 2013 9:56 PM
    Message # 1306647
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    LD 1356 and “Insurance?”

      Q: On Section 5. Commissioner or board -- We previously voted on and approved insurance. I am curious why it was specifically added in here. Our allocation is based on the same one dues per household logic that underlies our “one household, one vote” formulation in Section 4, above. Again, I assume that that is within our rights but would like confirmation.  

     Q: Section 9. Insurance. Same question as Section 5. Why is insurance called out separately, and were we within our rights to purchase it previously as an approved expense?

     A: On the question of insurance: Many road associations buy insurance. You were well within your rights previously. The new provisions just ratify what had been accepted practice, and specifically call out insurance as an acceptable expense.

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