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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

Notice of Claim Discharge

  • 10 Oct 2023 2:51 PM
    Message # 13265385

    This morning I filed a Notice of Claim (NOC) Discharge at the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds using the MARA discharge template.  The registry clerk took exception to the fact that the individuals named in the NOC were not identified on the form, even though the correct Book and Page information was cited.  She did allow me to add the information by hand, and accepted the form.  This may be a one-off experience, but I thought I would point it out so other people may not have the same issue.

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  • 11 Oct 2023 6:16 AM
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    As MARA Web Administrator, I am concerned by your experience. I will seek clarification of the Notice of Discharge we post and let you know the results. Thank you for calling this to our attention.

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  • 11 Oct 2023 10:12 AM
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    The Notice of Discharge of NOC Template has been revised to include the name of the landowner whose property was burdened by the NOC.  

    Many thanks to Attorney Mary Denison for her prompt reply to my request for guidance. Her revision of the previous MARA Template is attached below and has been posted to our Resources Page.

    1 file
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  • 16 Oct 2023 10:02 AM
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    Thank you both for the quick response.

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