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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

LD 2101 emergency bill

  • 18 Jan 2024 8:55 PM
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    For informational purposes only. Attached is an emergency bill in regards to shoreland zoning. Go to:  for more information.

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  • 14 Feb 2024 11:54 AM
    Reply # 13315429 on 13303058

    FYI: LD 2101 has been tabled.

  • 15 Feb 2024 1:02 PM
    Reply # 13316136 on 13303058
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Attached is notice of a work session on LD 2101. 

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  • 10 Apr 2024 6:15 PM
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    This bill has been signed by the Governor. They removed the emergency status, so 90 days after the session adjourns April 17, 2024, does this go in effect. The revised law and Fiscal note attached.

    Most private road associations that have great ponds may likely have roads near the shorelines. Property owners who encroach into the road with various development/construction without a permit or violate their permit which is within the shoreland zoning regulations of 250 feet of the great ponds would allow the town to take legal action. Finally, one less action that associations have to pay lawyers to resolve.

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  • 11 Apr 2024 11:12 AM
    Reply # 13341960 on 13303058
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this bill!  I was glad to have the chance to support it.  Good work, all those who helped get this through.

  • 11 Apr 2024 1:45 PM
    Reply # 13342082 on 13303058

    Please note that this new law included an additional section to title 33.

    "7. Notice of violation. Detailed information on an actual or alleged violation of a shoreland zoning ordinance adopted pursuant to Title 38, chapter 3, subchapter 1, article 2-B, including those that were state-imposed, imposed on and applicable to the property."

    For those of you who maybe aware; Property owners selling their property have to report that they are in a road association to the buyers under title 33. This law has resulted in many associations successfully  collecting current and over due assessments as well as discharging any Notice of Claims. Now with this new law (when it goes into effect) are also required to inform buyers of any shoreland zoning violations!

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