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Date Calculator

  • 30 Aug 2020 9:26 AM
    Message # 9199881
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    While we are considering the merits of the Interest Calculator (below), I would like to put a word in for the Date Calculator, also found on our Resources Page. For me, the two are inseparable aids to organized Collection.   

    Our road association has an owner who has not paid maintenance fees since its formation 4 years ago. We have now had 4 Annual and 3 Special Meetings where fees were assessed that are delinquent with Notices of Claim and several associated Extensions. Scheduling and setting dates for preparing 20-Day Notices, Notices of Claim, and placing documents properly in the Registry would be nearly impossible if I didn't have my Date Calculator. I simply enter the Due Date, plug in the number of days until delinquency or expiration (usually 90 or 180), and, presto, the sought-after scheduling date miraculously appears. Try it and see!    

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