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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

Non-profit and statutory association - deeded easement

  • 14 Jun 2012 8:11 PM
    Message # 971284
    Deleted user
    We are a non-profit corporation road assn.   The first half of the road comes under the association and the easement for that section of road was deeded to the association.  Additional development plans were never completed and properties on the second half of the road were sold off in large lots.  All property owners use the first half of the road to access their property.  We are looking into becoming a statutory road association to require participation by all. How do we deal with the easement that has been deeded to the association if we become a statutory association.  It is my understanding we could be both.  I am not clear on what the mechanics are for operating as both.  I have not found anything in the resource material that addresses these issues.

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