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Dust control

  • 21 Nov 2019 12:29 PM
    Message # 8133199

    Calcium Chloride is the glue that preserves the fine particles from blowing away on gravel roads.  We lose these fine soils from wind, washouts, lots of traffic and fast drivers, creating a dust bowl. We have a contractor (or 2) in the southern area of Maine if anyone is looking for a contractor. Does anyone have information about limiting it's use near shorelines and well water?

  • 01 Dec 2019 11:37 AM
    Reply # 8147557 on 8133199

    See pages 35 and 36 of the DEP's Gravel Roads Maintenance Manual, available on MARA's Resources page.  Note that it says, "Use of these and other chemical treatments, even salt, must be limited or not used at all in areas near water wells and in the shoreland zone. "

  • 06 Dec 2019 1:23 AM
    Reply # 8191820 on 8133199

    thank you. the DEP has some different info on this topic whereas the DOT has some other percentages, so i was curious if anyone has more info. town regulations aka public works also has some info too via the salt/sand distribution near shorelines.

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